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Aora Heating Pad

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Aora Heating Pad. Proudly made in Canada.
– 100% Cotton
– 100% Handmaid Product
– 100% Natural Filler


Do you suffer from... Head Ache /Tooth Ache /Ear Ache /Neck Pain /Back Pain /Shoulder Pain /Arm Pain /Wrist Pain /Elbow Pain /Abdominal Pain /Sore tired feet /Menstrual cramps /Arthritis /Fibro myalgia /Bursitis /Gout /Post Operative recovery /Cold or Flu /Sore throat /Sore Eyes from strain /Hot Flashes /Sciatica /Knee Pain /Aches and pains from Pregnancy /Hip Pain /Sprained ankle /Rheumatoid Pain /Quick relief from the chills.
Aora Heating Pad might be for you!!!

Our Product is also excellent for your pet. Warm-up their kennel for a safe warm transport. Excellent for post-operative recovery. Or just use them to warm their beds on a cold night.


1-2 minutes in the MICROWAVE on high.
(Shake after removing from the Microwave)

Place in a ziplock bag and freeze for 2 hours
(or store in freezer)
When needed remove from ziplock bag and apply directly to the skin.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg

Owl, Plaid, Kittens, Hedgehogs

1 review for Aora Heating Pad

  1. Partridge Carole

    Amazing product, beautiful fabrics…. We have one for heat and the other for cold. Perfect for my sore knee

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