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About Aora

Back to nature
Our shop perfectly captures the essence of a subtle and effortless spirit that can be found in a wilderness landscape or an indoor garden.
Back to Nature is a concept that is all about awakenings and is especially appropriate at the start of a new decade.
Our products evoke feelings of health and nature, which adds a tranquil effect to any space.

Our Experts

Our team of Experts find the best natural and unique product from around the globe

Anna Sotnik

Creative Director

Stas Sotnik

Product Director

Ekaterina Arhipkin

Market Analyst

Khaal Wastine

Supply Chain Specialist

10 Benefits When Choosing Aora

Made by human hands - not by faceless factories.

Eco-friendly, made in a earth-conscious manner

Support of small businesses

Custom experience that the big chains can't provide

Pioneer a more sustainable future / Care and thought gone into the design

An intimate and personal touch.

Exceptional quality

Each product is one-of-a-kind

Made with love and passion

Stay true to tradition and keep time-honored skills alive

Not another one like it: Each item turns out different and even better, unlike machines that just duplicate.
Reduced carbon footprint: All Aora products are good for the environment: some goods made from recycled materials. By supporting and buying from Aora shop you are taking part in preserving the environment for future generations. Buying handcrafted products will give you that warm feeling – you have done something nice by supporting local craftsman as well as artists from around the world.

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